NERCCS 2020: COVID-19 Announcement

Dear NERCCS 2020 participants and collaborators,

Given the heightened risk of COVID-19 and a desire to responsibly enact social distancing, NERCCS 2020 will no longer be an in-person conference. We are working to take the full Conference and School online and will forward further information as it becomes available.

We will be using Zoom to live-stream the conference. All registered participants (see below about registration note) will receive an email with a link to join the Zoom meeting before the conference begins. Accordingly, all invited and contributed talks will be streamed using Zoom. Posters will be available for viewing through a conference webpage, and poster presenters will also be asked to host a personal zoom meeting during the poster session time.

If you are giving an ORAL presentation (invited or contributed), then you can join the zoom meeting by clicking a hyperlink that will be sent to you before the conference. You can show your slides by screen sharing. We can also post your slides online if you wish. You do not need a zoom account to do the presentation, but it is recommended since it is more likely to be stable.

If you are giving a POSTER presentation, please upload a pdf of your poster and a 2-3 minute recorded audio or video summary of your work. You can make this recording using Zoom or any platform of your choice.

We will give directions on how to upload these files at a later date. They will be made available online to registered participants. In addition, we ask that you host a Zoom meeting for 20 minutes at a designated time during the poster session at 4:40-6:10pm on April 2 to allow people to ask you questions. You will need a (free) Zoom account. Please create the Zoom meeting and provide us with your meeting link by answering a Google Form whose link we will send soon. Please upload the files and provide your meeting link by March 28, 2020. We will create and share a schedule for these poster-focused Zoom meetings.

To help everyone successfully participate in NERCCS 2020, we will coordinate several training/tutorial sessions for Zoom over the next few weeks. If you are already familiar with Zoom and are willing to run such a training session, please let us know asap.

The first training session will be Friday March 20 at 2pm (eastern time) and will be led by Juniper Lovato of the University of Vermont.

We are working to provide refunds to those who have already paid to register for the conference and have posted a new registration link for FREE conference registration, since we no longer anticipate any conference expenses. Thanks for your participation and patience as we make this transition.

Dane Taylor
Sarah Muldoon